Providing Writing Projects Access Across Geographic Boundaries

  • Welcome
  • Essential Inquiry Question:
    • What will happen if technology is used to overcome some of the geographic boundaries and other challenges (technological, economic, etc.) that sometimes keep rural teachers from participating in writing projects--especially in writing project leadership roles?
  • Writing Prompts
    • IIn your service area, what are some of the challenges and boundaries rural teachers face that may prevent them from participating in summer institutes, writing project work, or leadership roles?  (Think about technological, economic, and other barriers, as well as geographic boundaries and challenges.)
    • How might the thoughtful use of digital tools help you to bridge these challenges? Be as specific as possible.
  • Sharing out in small and large groups
  • Personal Site stories
    • Peggy: Second Life as a virtual meeting space
    • David: Using a Ning to connect teachers
  • Tools and Sites for Connections
    • Connecting as a teacher
    • Connecting your classroom
    • Connecting with local NWP sites
  • Begin to develop an Action Plan to address barriers
  • Share Out

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